What is NeuroResearch?

NeuroResearch is the product research and development team inside of NeuroHydrate. We believe the best products in the world require significant research then development. NeuroResearch is responsible for all aspects of product development and evolution.

Approved research candidates get to use NeuroHydrate for free in exchange for their feedback in a simple online survey. If you are interested in NeuroResearch then please apply now

NeuroResearch Privacy Statements

  1. NeuroResearch does not share or sell your information outside of NeuroHydrate.
  2. All information you provide is secured using an encrypted database that only NeuroResearch Team Members may access.
  3. Any information used in reporting is grouped and anonymized so your personal identity is not known.
  4. After the research period is over you may request that your  information is removed from the database by contacting the NeuroHydrate Help Desk.

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NeuroHydrate HM-Formula Label

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