A note from our founder

If you believe in the benefits of nutritional supplements, as I do, then I strongly encourage you to learn more about NeuroHydrate and consider joining our free partner program for neurologists and headache specialists.

First, NeuroHydrate products are only designed, sourced, certified, manufactured, tested, and serviced here in the United States, and we provide a dedicated Help Desk for support.

We only make high-quality yet affordable supplements using certified CGMP manufacturing with potent ingredients encapsulated in an enteric coating for better delivery and reduced gastrointestinal side effects.

Also, there are no "secret blends" or poorly studied ingredients. HM-Formula is a simple 5 in 1 multivitamin combining Magnesium, B2, B6, CoQ10, and Omega3 - familiar nutrients in a convenient single tablet.

Partners get free samples, discount codes, and marketing materials for your office. Customers benefit from a convenient, affordable supplement and can use our ReMind Service designed to increase consistency and compliance.

Thanks for your consideration.

Dr. Hamid Sami, 

Founder NeuroHydrate

Quality manufacturing

NeuroHydrate only uses high-potency, high-quality ingredients and coatings formulated and tested using CGMP manufacturing independently certified by the NSF. HM-Formula is a drug-free, non-prescription supplement that is widely recommended by neurologists - in fact, NeuroHydrate was founded by one.

How are we better than other supplements?

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