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Dear valued customers and website visitors.

In early 2021, NeuroHydrate was asked by the FDA to remove all detailed customer reviews and comments to those reviews if they made any reference to a medical claim in headache or migraine prevention. The reason for this is simple. If a supplement company (including NeuroHydrate) makes a medical claim about a supplement, that claim could confuse you into thinking the supplement is a drug approved and tested by the FDA. 

To be 100% clear NeuroHydrate HM-Formula is a nutritional supplement used by migraineurs and headache sufferers - it is NOT a drug. We are proud of that fact, that is why we started NeuroHydrate - to make better supplements!

As a U.S. Company we must remain 100% compliant with all U.S. regulations, hence we no longer allow customers to post reviews directly on All reviews are now reviewed first for compliance; any medical claims or benefits are removed and will not be published but you can still send us a review by clicking the button below.

Since 2014 we have had hundreds of positive reviews and processed thousands of orders from satisfied customers. See below for some of their kind words.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

- NeuroHydrate Management

PS. If you are new or skeptical in anyway towards the benefits of using supplements, we encourage you to try NeuroHydrate's Newcomer Offer. As always, we recommend speaking to your healthcare provider or neurologist before starting any new supplement program so you can better understand their benefit to you.

Our Newcomer Offer includes a 90-day supply of NeuroHydrate HM-Formula for $99 with a built-in $50 refund if we fail to meet your expectations - no questions asked. This commitment enables you to try NeuroHydrate for the right amount of time without risky obligations.

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