Terms and conditions

NeuroHydrate Research participants must be qualified and onboarded to participate in our research programs. These programs are conducted through short online surveys (5-10 minutes to finish) that must be completed and submitted within the allotted time for each program.

If participants fail to submit their answers to these surveys within the allotted time, they will be notified to submit. If no responses are received or unopened products returned, they are removed from the research program; they will not be eligible for a refund or future research programs.

Quality manufacturing

NeuroHydrate only uses high-potency, high-quality ingredients and coatings formulated and tested using CGMP manufacturing independently certified by the NSF. HM-Formula is a drug-free, non-prescription supplement that is widely recommended by neurologists - in fact, NeuroHydrate was founded by one.

How are we better than other supplements?

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