NeuroHydrate Gift Subscriptions & Cards

Sometimes people need a little push to try something new

Want to get a partner, family member, or friend NeuroHydrate as a gift? No problem, we offer two options.

Option 1. The NeuroHydrate Gift Subscription is for a 90-Day supply of NeuroHydrate HM-Formula. You are charged once, and then the subscription expires after 90 days. The gift recipient can then chose to continue after 90 days by purchasing on their own.

Option 2. The NeuroHydrate Gift Card is also simple but has one significant difference - you can't use them to purchase membership \ subscription products. The gift card is used for single non-member orders. Gift cards can also be used as many times until the balance on the gift card reaches zero.

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$49.95 or $34.97 (Member Price)



$149.85 or $104.91 (Member Price)

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