Skeptical about migraine supplements?

Have you tried and failed on another brand?

How does a 100% Refund after 45-Days sound?

Research Goal Progress


When the program goal reaches 100% participation this program is closed and the Add to Cart button is removed until the next research program becomes available. We run research 2-3 times per year with a few hundred participants.


If you missed a program but would like an invite to the next program please submit a ticket to the Help Desk and chose "Research Program" as your contact type and we will contact you when the next program begins.


The $50 charge ensures that you will complete our feedback survey after the 45 days is over.

See below for more information on how \ when we collect feedback \ research and how to get your guaranteed refund.

Space is limited depending on each program. We usually have two groups of 50 participants during multiple research periods. In most programs you may only participate once.

NeuroHydrate has other offers on products if you do not qualify for a research program and you can find those on

1. After checkout, you will receive an "on-boarding email" to create a profile on our secure website. This step is mandatory and your profile is used by our Research Team.

2. We ship you a 45-day supply of NeuroHydrate HM-Formula in 3 blister packs. Take two tablets each day, if you like, our NeuroHydrate ReMind System will send you a reminder message each night to your phone so you remain compliant with the program.

3. After 45 days in the program you will receive an online survey it takes about 5 minutes to complete. You MUST complete the survey to get your refund.

4. Our research team reviews your survey to verify your answers are complete and then sends a refund request to your email.  

5. Most refund requests are processed by the Help Desk within 24 hours. Please wait 3-5 business days before checking your credit card account. If you do not see your refund please call or email the Help Desk and we will help you. 


Please add to your email or spam filter to ensure we can communicate with you by email. You WILL NOT get any sales calls or marketing after the program is complete. If you wish to become a customer you can signup on our website. Please contact the NeuroHydrate Help Desk at any time if you have questions. 

Yes, we are HIPPA compliant and do not sell your information or any answers provided by you in our surveys. We use the research in anonymized reports for product development, market research and customer satisfaction.

Yes, but you must complete the program. Our research programs are designed for a small group of participants (50 - 100 people) and will never impact the financial strength of NeuroHydrate.

NeuroHydrate, has provided research and product development programs since 2012 and have sold supplements since 2016. We are highly respected within the migraine community, including with many migraine \ headache specialists and healthcare partners. 

Our main office address is 4637 Main Street, Bridgeport, CT 06606. We provide a dedicated Help Desk for any questions you may have.

Phone: (203) 799-7900

Yes. If you do not complete the feedback survey at the end of 45 days you will not get a refund.

The feedback survey is not very long, on average it takes about 5 minutes to finish. Think of it this way, you are getting 45 days of NeuroHydrate for free (a $75 MSRP Value) for a few moments of your time and you will be helping others in the migraine community!

Yes, we have a small charge for shipping and handling of $5.75 from the United State Postal Service. It includes a tracking number to ensure delivery of your package and onboarding in the program.

No. You do not need a prescription. NeuroHydrate is a nutritional supplement.

We recommend that before starting any new nutritional program, check with your healthcare provider in order to clear changes in your diet before using any supplement including ours.

No. You WILL NOT be called or pressured into purchasing anything from NeuroHydrate. 83% of our current customer base would recommend NeuroHydrate to others in the migraine community. We hope you decide to become one of them but that is your decision.


The onboarding was easy it takes about 10 minutes. The survey is short and the supplement is easy to take, no bad taste or nasty smell that you usually get from multivitamins. They did not try and sell me anything. Good experience.

Kathy Wei
Research Participant.

Works as advertised and good support people. Onboarding was no problem but remember to add them to your email filter because the first email went to my spam. Good offer and legit company they helped me.

Brian Sheenan

My neurologist gave me samples and then they did this special program for certain people. Easy signup, easy to take, survey is basic research and product marketing questions and does not take long. I liked the text messenger service to take the tablets. Anyway, NeuroHydrate helped me so I am glad I found them, better than others I have used and I am a customer now.

Jenn Stryker

They did exactly what they said. No sales calls or marketing of any kind. You take 2 pills each day. The pill has a really cool coating it feels like silk, it is the standard size for a multivitamin. No side effects, no smell etc, nice people and got my refund on time.

Austin Benos
Research Participant.

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